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A match made in heaven!

They mingled under an umbrella in front of the stage of a festival in 2018. Thousands of Poppies is an Electro Rock duo including Véronique (singer, songwriter) and Jody (guitar, keyboards and producer). They seduced and captivated each other thanks to a common passion – music. An intimate and long-distance relationship was born, exchanging emails and, of course, music files. Véronique deploys her voice, almost ethereal, and Jody finds his creativity back the purity and determination of the beginnings. They have found their own sound freshness and feed off each other.

Thousands of Poppies wishes to sow delicate, elegant, powerful musical seeds that will blossom into red wild flowers. They release tracks with organic and atmospheric melodies rooted in the 80’s and 90’s, a range of electro-pop, rock, new wave, dream-pop, indie and shoegaze seeds. Their influences? The sounds of Chromatics, Slowdive, Sonic Youth and Massive Attack.


A first 7-track nectar in 2021.

Thousands of Poppies release the seeds with their first 7-track EP, Musical Seeds Supplier. Wild but polished, Musical Seeds Supplier is the outcome of 2 years of musical complementarity and organic research between Véronique and Jody.

After composing Feel Like Ya in June 2018, the duo produced a dozen demos over the course of a year. Sometimes arranged, sometimes put aside, these tracks take the form of singles that Thousands of Poppies wishes to share with a sensitive audience attracted to Anglo-Saxon sounds or appealed by new alternative music. The composition of Thousands of Poppies’ songs begins with an emotion transcribed into melodies or lyrics. Then begins the rigorous research of the song and the structure analysis. The next phase consists of deconstructing and returning to the essence of the song: the seed of creation. This EP reflects their emotions, dark and sensitive, personal and sensual, written by Véronique and put into music by Jody.

They tell us an genuine story of self-discovery, spirituality, love, strange situations and communion with others. These are slices of life, like the soundtrack of their own film.




Producer, arranger, guitar

Véronique BERVAES

Author, songwriter, singer


Thousands of Poppies was born in April 2020, releasing a teaser for their debut single Feel Like Ya on social medias. The teaser was generously shared and a first concert date was scheduled in Belgium.

In total, 3 singles were released in 2020 :

Feel Like Ya, Baby Doll et Top Song.

(click on the picture to listen to the track)

As soon as they were released, these three songs delighted the programmers of Belgian radio stations such as : Première RTBF (le Feel de Diane, Sacrés Belges, …), Jam RTBF or You FM.

Numerous press articles came out and RTBF Jam chose them twice as “Belgian novelties”.

Link to press articles : RTBF Jam july 2020, RTBF Jam august 2020

In March 2021, Thousands of Poppies unveils a club version of their first single Feel Like Ya. The duo offers an electronic journey in which vocals and synthesizers are mixed with new wave influences, specific to the original version. A desperate urge to go back to the dancefloors again.

The single was included in the Spotify playlist Beatport Best New Indie Dance.

Their first EP – 7 tracks, entitled Musical Seeds Supplier is in progress and will be out in 2021.



Feel Like Ya

An electro-pop track revealing feelings that have been experienced. Song of ‘nature-love’ in every sense of the word. We discover Véronique’s sensual and ethereal voice that plunges us into a fresh, pure, refined, fluid and controlled composition. 

Hotel Melo

A synth-pop track with a ‘Lynchian’ atmosphere evoking a strange night spent in the darkness of a hotel where people are under the influence of animals.

Kitty Sweet

A rock track with punk and cold wave influences about female masturbation. It’ is the story of a Kitty who could have been named Pussy.


Hyper Sensitive Person. A track plunging into the depths of hypersensitivity with dream pop and trip-hop tones.

Baby Doll

A childish universe with dream-pop sounds. Real, sweet and delicate, this song tells us about toxic relationships and the strange dual feeling between the thoughts and actions.

Love Jar

Erotic-ambient interlude

Top song

Like an indie rock and shoegaze soundtrack celebrating the power and joy of music festival gatherings.


A synth-pop track about the trials and tribulations of a searching for love soul and its nightly wanderings after a drunken night.

Self produced album recorded at Studio Rubens (Brussels), in December and January 2020-2021.


thousands of poppies


Musical seed sower since 1988

Originally from Jura (F)Jody Grandclément is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer.Jody manages the arrangement as well as the tracks mixing & mastering. In addition to his musical and sonic talents, Jody leads the artistic and visual direction of the band.He first started playing punk rock guitar music.

In the late 90’s he turned to electronic music and became a DJ. He was the Moulin de Brainan’s resident DJ and attended many gigs in his area and surroundings. Next to the dance floor music scene Jody worked on a cinemix project mixing a new soundtrack for Dziga Vertov’s The Man with the Movie Camera.

He also founded alongside with friends ‘le Citron Vert’ – an artistic association – launching free parties concept and eventually organizing event parties. The aim was to propose quality venues in Eastern France as well as respecting the legal framework and promoting electronic music broadcast and any other alternative and cultural expressions.

Many mixtapes, as well as 2 opus were born :

Les marrons aux coins du feu (Persiste et signes, 2003)

1 peu de fraîcheur (Le Citron Vert, 2006) :

An album reflecting his influences :  trip-Hop, leftfield, techno, trance et drum & bass. His compositions form a mixture that is both unique and seductive.

In 2007, he was selected to take part in the “my Tremplin” competition, organised by the Jura General Council and the Moulin de Brainans (F). A compilation “Le Jura révèle ses artistes” with three tracks from each artist was released in 12,000 copies and were sent to French media and professionals.

Some of his venues :

Le Moulins de Brainans (Brainans, France), la Rodia (Besançon, France), La Vapeur (Dijon, France), Freaks Machine (Franche-Comté, France), le Triptyque (Paris, France), Rock School Barbey (Bordeaux, France), Château-Rouge (Anemasse, France), Festival de la Paille (Metabief, France), Festival les Mouillotins (Saint Poix, France), Festival Reperkusound (Villefranche-sur-Saône, France), l’Usine (Genève, Suisse), Cross-Club (Prague, République Tchèque) …



Musical corolla since 2015

In her early 40ies, Véronique, a native of Liège (Belgium), began writing lyrics, unable to do anything else than giving birth to her emotions, that were hidden for far too long. Passionate about languages, she writes in English to create a distance and practices a rigorous and linguistic research of the words used.

She sings regularly at private events and takes group and individual singing lessons at the Novanois with Sonja. In 2019, she attended singing classes at Aline Janssens.

Her instinctive and intuitive texts are interpreted with an ethereal voice, which deliberately plays with the sensitivity of the listeners.


28 AUGUST 2020 


08 OCTOBER 2020 


23 OCTOBER 2020



18 JUNE 2021


09 JULY 2021 



thousands of poppies
RTBF - Le Feel de Diane.
"TOP Song" diffusé sur la Première dans l'émission du Feel de Diane.
Diffusé le 28 octobre et le 18 novembre 2020.
Réveil première
Spécial Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Diffusion du single “Feel Like Ya”.
Diffusé le 12 avril, le 16 avril, le 23 avril et le 4 mai 2020.
RTBF La Première, Sacrés Belges
Diffusion du single « Top Song ».
Le 20 février 2021.
thousands of poppies
Feel Like Ya, Baby Doll, Top Song et « Feel Like Ya Club Mix ».
Programmés officiellement depuis juillet 2020.
Vidéo "Feel Like Ya" (live home session) diffusé sur le site-web
de music is alive et sur Facebook.
Diffusé le 28 mai 2020.
radio belgique Fm-3
Vidéo "Feel Like Ya" (live home session) diffusé le 28 mai 2020 sur le site-web de radio belgique FM.
Diffusé le 28 mai 2020.
radio 4910-1
RADIO 4910
"Feel Like Ya Club Mix" diffusé le 11 mars 2021.
Gazebo DJ TTM
"Feel Like Ya Club Mix" mixé par Gazebo DJ TTM et diffusé dans plus de 10 webradios à travers le monde. France, Allemagne, Canada, Mexique, Costa Rica, Pérou, etc...
Le 26 mars 2021
DJ Hagai-1
DJ Hagai & Eyal
"Feel Like Ya Club Mix" mixé par Dj Hagai & Eyal music, Tel Aviv, Israël.
le 19 avril 2021
Radio Boom Tchak
"Feel Like Ya Club Mix" playlisté par Radio Boom Tchak Tour.
Diffusé le 8 mars 2021.


thousands of poppies
Découverte d’un projet Franco-Belge aujourd’hui avec Thousands Of Poppies ! Des sonorités fraîches et légères contrastant parfois avec la dureté des paroles couchées par Véronique Bervaes. C’est Jody Grandclément qui s’occupe des compositions et arrangements avec ses claviers et/ou guitares. Il nous produit des riffs entêtants, incisifs ou encore aériens en fonction des morceaux et des différentes directions qu’ils prennent.
thousands of poppies
5 nouveautés Belges selection Jam de juillet.
Les playlists de Jam continuent de se garnir de nouveautés belges tous azimuts tout l'été. Cette semaine, place à trois découvertes musicales (Judith Kiddo, Thousands Of Poppies, ROZA) et à deux retours (Aksak Maboul, Great Mountain Fire).
Le 29 juillet 2020.
thousands of poppies
5 nouveautés Belges selection Jam d'août.
Nettement plus guitare ! Après "Baby Doll" fin juillet, c'est au tour de "Feel Like Ya" d'entrer en programmation musicale sur Jam. Pour rappel utile, Thousands Of Poppies est la rencontre de Jody et Véronique, un duo franco-belge dont la rencontre au Sud de la France est une affaire de pluie en plein festival.
Le 31 août 2020.
thousands of poppies
Belgian Music Week
Nous avions déjà manifesté un enthousiasme certain, en juillet dernier, à l'écoute du single Baby Doll. Le projet musical belgo-français de Jody et Véronique s'offre une digression avec une édition 'Club' du single Feel Like Ya. C'est en quelque sorte une musique d'attente avant la sortie de l'EP : "Il comportera 7 titres et s'intitulera Musical Seeds Supplier...
Le 31 août 2020.
Leur dernière chanson, Top Song, revient sur les expériences de festivals passés. La langueur et la fatigue de ce dernier jour du festival pèsent sur la piste. Dès le premier couplet, Véronique s’installe dans l’herbe et laisse ses pensées se déchaîner tandis que les arrangements semblent souffler de différentes tentes de concert.
Marc Alenus – le 01 septembre 2020.


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